RFLC dispatcher area

Monday, March 16th, 2015

A while back I moved the dispatcher area to the new modelling table. This was to give more room and to stop the dispatcher holding up turning moves.


With the move I have added CCTV to the room, as the Dispatcher cannot see all the Railroad and multiple screens to the PC. This will allow the dispatcher to see the train schedule and keep an eye on other info.image

I have a screen for points, roster and trains. The last screen shows slot monitor, Withrottle and panel pro


I use JMRI to run the Railroad. The Drivers have iPhones and connect using Withrottle. This then means the drivers are free to move with their train.

imagePoints are also controlled on the iPhones, if they are electric. There are some 65 point numbers for the driver to use, some of which are crossings with 2 points. There are a total of 85 points on the Railroad.image

the modelling area needs to be cleared!


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