Progress on the FremOn30 boards

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Progress has been slow. the main fiddle yard board has all the tracks bonded together and wired back to the DCC bus. this will need repeating at the other end of the board, a belt and braces approach. it will take 2 soldered joints to fail before a track becomes dead.

All tracks on this board have had the ends soldered, mainly using Gap Masters, these have been easy to fit and provide a good solid end for the rails.

GapmasterĀ GM006.

This is the one I have mainly used.

I have also ordered the 3 way point from Cream City Turnouts. I ordered 2, so that i can make the fiddle yard a through fiddle yard for all tracks. it will current be only a through track for the middle road. Im hoping the 3 way no. 5 point will fit on the current board. If it doesn’t i will build two short boards, one to fit this point and one to give a bit of a headhunt at the depot end. I’d hope these boards won’t be more than 300mm long .

hopefully today I will start laying the track on the depot boards, I’m going for the track plan number 3 I posted on Facebook with one additional point.


pictures on progress to follow in the next post.

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