Work on the railroad 15th March 2015

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

Spent a few hours in the shed today working on the railroad.
The Highline now has a passing loop at Wiggum Creek. The shelf was widened and track laid. Electrics added and test train ran through.
7 Kadee track magnets were added and glued in place. Need to add markers to each, to ease uncoupling.
The run round loop head shunt at Simpson’s Peak was extended by 6″ this will allow even the biggest engine to use the head shunt. It will also be used for the lift up section.
The lift up section woodwork was tidied up so that it passes Bouviers Peak. This still requires more work before track is laid.
When complete this will give the line a second continuous loop, the other been the high Line.
Below is a shed plan, the dark blue is the high line.



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